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• Meeting with clients to define their needs and requirements

• Analysis of the existing project

• Presentation of new layouts

• Project development:

o General technical drawings for specialties such as lighting, electricity, A/C

o Technical drawings of constructive details such as carpentry, flooring and cladding

o List of finishes, equipment and materials proposed

• Monitor the execution of the project.


  • Detailed survey of the existing space and objects that are to be  included in the new project

  • Study of layouts; define the concept for the project

  • Definition of all equipments (such as furniture, upholstery, textiles, lighting, coatings, decorative pieces and art pieces)

  • Presentation of the project to the client

  • Presentation of the budget

  • Delivery management and final assembly

Our Decoration and Interior Architecture services apply to a vast range of projects, from a single room to a full house or flat.



Aimed at Commercial and Hotel spaces

 • Conception of a lifestyle concept adapted to the project

• Differentiation of space through innovation of unique experiences

• Selection and design of “welcome” and amenities’ products

• Selection and drawing of uniforms

• Advising and accompaniment in the acquisition of Art


Sewing Atelier with textures fabrics, colors and unique patterns


• Drawing and manufacturing of curtains, cushions and accessories

(includes rectification of measures on the spot)

• Selection and design of trimmings

• Accessories (such as rods, clutches)

•. Wallpapers

• Papers and paintings in Trompe L'Oeuil


Sewing Service with the expertise of an Interior Designer 

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